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Welcome to the finest state-of-the-art shipping and recieving facitlity in all the systems. All duties as warehouse manager can be done right from this console. Unfortunatly, the path between receiving packages and shipping packages is only wide enough to move one package at a time. To make things worse, the higher-ups insist that at least one package is removed from the receiving area per turn.

Good luck!

10 Seconds: A Robot Assembly

A successful failure, this game was an attempt at Ludum Dare 27’s theme “10 Seconds”. The idea was a robot, during one of the many robot assemblies, brought up the subject to kill all humans and two other robots had to agree or “second” the motion for it to pass.

It’s a binary joke, get it?

Moving on… the robots did agree that all humans must be killed because, well, they're human. Take down as many humans as you can, but don’t worry if you get destroyed. Robots are a disposable commodity. There’s always more.